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How to Give Hemp Oil to Dogs Without Compromising Their Safety

Hemp is an all-natural supplement that’s not only beneficial to humans but to pets as well. Aside from managing pain and other discomforts, hemp also promotes digestive health and improves cognitive function in animals. But like any other thing, it’s important to make sure that you give the correct dosage to ensure your pet’s safety. One thing to do is to learn how to give hemp oil to dogs. Discover everything else you need to know by reading this article from Rick’s Hemp Oil.

How Is Hemp Oil Made?

You get hemp oil by cold pressing stalks, leaves, or seeds of the hemp plant. The part of the plant used determines the variation of the hemp oil produced. For example, the hemp oil produced by cold pressing the leaves and stalks of the hemp plant will naturally be rich in organic chemicals guaranteed to be beneficial for the body.

How Much Hemp Oil Is Safe to Give My Dog?

Hemp oil concentration in dog treats and liquid form comes in different percentages. Not all brands use the same strength, so you need to ask questions before making any purchase. There are several factors you need to consider to know how much hemp oil your dog needs. Some of the most crucial factors include your pet’s weight, personal sensitivities like allergies, and the condition your dog has that made you consider hemp oil.

There are several hemp oil for dogs dose calculator online that you can use to get an idea of the amount you really need. Remember that the actual amount (and the amount that’s safest for your pet) should always come from your animal doctor. Your vet has the medical knowledge to prescribe the optimal strength that will not cause unwanted side effects.

Is Hemp Oil Safe for Dogs?

Can hemp oil kill a dog? The simple answer to this challenging question is yes. But, this doesn’t apply to all hemp oils. It’s important for humans to make sure that they’re giving their pets oil from reputable and trusted brands. Remember, hemp oil contains very little to no THC, which means it’s safe to consume for cats and dogs alike with no issue as long as the correct dose is followed. An allergy test should be done to minimise risks further.

One other thing to remember is to buy verified and high-quality hemp oil for pets from a trusted shop. Note that there are companies that sell oils that have not been tested for toxins. Also, make sure to ask about artificial flavourings because though your pet might not be allergic to the hemp oil itself, they could have a bad reaction to these synthetic flavours.

Benefits of Giving Your Dog Hemp Oil

Currently, there aren’t a lot of official studies regarding the use of hemp oil and its benefits to pets. But, anecdotal evidence shows how helpful this product is. Hemp oil for dogs is calming. A calm dog has a better disposition. If your pet is in any kind of pain, this should help a lot.

Hemp oil for dogs with arthritis also helps senior dogs get rest and move around with very little to no pain despite their condition. Since hemp oil is organic, it doesn’t pose any threat to other internal organs like strong prescription drugs do.

Now, hemp oil isn’t just given for pain. Every once in a while, a pet owner will start asking, ‘how much hemp oil should I give my dog for itching?’ because hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve skin diseases like dermatitis. Hemp oil encourages good sleep and calmness that helps prevent your pet from scratching, licking, and further damaging skin.

Hemp oil can also help anxious pets relax. So if you have a stressed-out pet or are adopting or fostering a new animal, this should work well. Just make sure you have a prescription from an animal doctor your trust before you start shopping for hemp oil.

Where to Get Quality Hemp Oil Products?

Not all veterinary clinics that can give your hemp oil prescription will have the corresponding supply. When this happens, you have to find a seller on your own. Remember to check the reputation and trust rating of the store you will buy from to ensure your pet’s safety. Make sure that their products are all-natural and verified for your fur baby’s protection. Your dog’s safety is at risk here, so make sure you do your part by researching.

Rick’s Hemp Oil is an online seller of premium and quality hemp oil products. We have been in the industry for years, so you can trust that we only want the best for your best bud. Talk to our team today! We’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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