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What to Look for When Buying Hemp Oil and All Other Questions Answered

A lot of people think that hemp oil is the same as CBD oil, but they’re actually two different products. Understanding the distinction between them will make it easier for you to know what to look for when buying hemp oil. Read this article from Rick’s Hemp Oil to learn more.

CBD oil is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of the hemp plant, while hemp oil comes from the Cannabis sativa plant seeds. Both have several health benefits to the consumer. Hemp and CBD are the same species, with the most notable difference being hemp has 0.3% or less THC while cannabis has 0.3% THC or more. This hemp oil strength percentage will be explained further in this post. But first, let’s look at this Cannabis timeline.

Brief Timeline of Cannabis

2800 BC

Emperor Shen Nung’s (father of Chinese medicine) listed cannabis in his pharmacopoeia. Various texts show how it can treat several illnesses like asthma, arthritis, depression, and amenorrhea.


Hindu legend believes that cannabis was Shiva’s favourite food. Shiva is one of the main deities known in Hinduism, whom Shaivites worship as the supreme god.

129-200 AD

Galen of Pergamon, a Greek scientist and physician, has writings that contain several references to cannabis. He writes about its effectiveness in alleviating ear pain and increasing the pleasure of drinking during a meal.


Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, an Irish physician famous for this work in chemistry for use in India, introduced cannabis to the Western medicine world. One of his accounts on the therapeutic use of cannabis includes one case where it was able to stop a child’s convulsions.


Dunstan and Henry were able to isolate cannabinol, a compound with derivatives that includes THC. Cannabinol is an active constituent of cannabis that was found to be non-psychoactive, which means that it causes no perceptive or behavioural changes despite its medical benefits.


The cult classic film Reefer Madness was released. The midnight movie demonised cannabis and made it appear like a highly addictive drug that can cause mental disorders and make consumers violent.


Adams and Todd isolated cannabidiol (CBD), also known as hemp or marijuana. CBD provides pain relief and helps with other illnesses minus the altering effects of other pharmaceutical drugs.


Mechoulam isolated THC from the cannabis plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis that causes the sensation of being “high”.


CBD is shown to help with schizophrenia symptoms in patients compared to conventional antipsychotic drugs.


Australia legalises the cultivation and use of cannabis for medical purposes.

It’s 2021. Can You Still Buy Medicinal Cannabis in Australia?

Yes. However, CBD oil and hemp oil need to be prescribed by an Australian-registered physician or medical practitioner. Your doctor has to submit an application to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) under the Special Access Scheme. The application should indicate why the patient should be allowed to purchase a medical cannabis product.

Hemp Timeline

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible to Buy These Products?

Medical cannabis has long been approved for use by prescription in Australia under the Narcotics Drugs Act. You will be deemed eligible to access if your prescribing doctor sees a medical need for you to buy these products. Every patient is thoroughly assessed before a prescription is given out.

Note that it can not be prescribed for the treatment of cancer. However, it can be prescribed to alleviate side effects of cancer treatment like radiotherapy or chemo. Pregnant or breastfeeding women also won’t be given access.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approval?

Assuming that a complete application has been submitted, a patient can get approval the next day. A health summary provided by an Australian-registered physician will expedite the process, so obtaining one asap is ideal.

Is Medicinal Cannabis Expensive?

The price depends on the patient’s condition, frequency of use, and the CBD or hemp oil dosage required. The regular range is from $30 to $100 per week, but it can go higher or lower depending on need.

Rick's Hemp oil

What’s the Most Potent Hemp Oil Per Drop?

Currently, some products have as high as 300mg of CBD per 1ml dropper.

Hemp Oil Strength Explained

Hemp oil strength refers to the amount of cannabidiol included per bottle. For example, a 10ml bottle with 1000mg CBD means the strength is at 10%. A 20ml bottle with the same 1000mg will have a strength of 5%. Learning how to calculate hemp content is as simple as dividing the CBD mg by the number of drops.

How to Make Hemp Oil Stronger?

If you’re a patient, it’s best to stick to the dosage provided by your physician. Although often well tolerated, you can never be 100% sure of possible CBD side effects, especially if you don’t follow what’s on your prescription. If you feel like you’re not getting sufficient relief, get yourself reassessed by your doctor and have them issue a new prescription. This is the safest way you can go about getting a more potent dosage.

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Rick’s Hemp Oil can help you with your needs. We have years of industry experience, so we can provide you with pure, organic, and top-quality oils for your specific condition. We have a dedicated team to answer your questions before and even after your purchase. Call us today for details!

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