CBD Oil Teeth

CBD oil is regarded by health and medical experts as a leading natural remedy for a wide range of conditions, able to help with everything from anxiety to cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, and more. Recent research suggests that CBD in dental may offer some additional benefits too.

CBD oil is made from cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid - a naturally occurring chemical compound found in cannabis sativa plants. In order to make CBD oil for teeth or other purposes, this cannabidiol is extracted from hemp plants and blended with a carrier oil, like MTC oil.

CBD oil Australia is proving hugely popular across, in cities like Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne, as well as other parts of the world too. Research and studies have shown that it has a lot of benefits to offer, helping to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and so on.

High-quality CBD oil, such as Rick’s Hemp Oil, can also prove useful in dental applications. In recent years, more Australian dentists are taking an active interest in CBD oil teeth and studying the various ways it can be used to help their patients.

CBD in Dental

There are a lot of potential benefits when it comes to CBD oil and teeth. Here is just a small list of how this oil can be used:

  • Anxiety - CBD oil has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels, so can be especially effective for people who are frightened or stressed about going to the dentist. It can even help reduce anxiety-related habits, like CBD oil for teeth grinding or CBD oil for clenching teeth.
  • Sleep Troubles - If people are finding themselves struggling to sleep due to pain or discomfort in and around the oral area, CBD oil may be able to assist with this by reducing pain and promoting a more relaxed, positive mindset too.
  • Sensitivity - CBD oil sensitive teeth can be used to reduce discomfort associated with hot and cold sensations on sensitive teeth.
  • Pain Relief - CBD oil is renowned for its ability to alleviate pain. CBD oil for wisdom teeth surgery and other dental procedures can therefore be used to alleviate suffering and help patients through various dental treatments.
  • Gum Disease - Some limited research has suggested that CBD oil can also contribute to stronger oral health and reduced inflammation around the gums, minimizing the risk of gum disease.

The Dawson Center (Academy)

When it comes to oral health and dental education, The Dawson Center is one of the most trusted establishments in the United States. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, The Dawson Academy was founded in 1979 and is devoted to teaching the skills and knowledge needed for dental professionals to succeed in their chosen line of work. 

It offers an array of introductory and continuing educational courses for dental professionals, covering everything from implants and esthetics to integrated dental medicine, advanced restorative care, and team training, aimed at dental professionals wishing to boost their productivity, treat more patients successfully, minimize mistakes, and improve their own quality of life.

Does CBD Oil Stain Teeth?

Many people worry about the potential risks associated with CBD oil and teeth, worrying that CBD oil teeth coloration could occur.

In reality, studies and reports show that there is effectively zero chance of CBD oil directly leading to stained or brown teeth.

Some initial discoloration may occur, but can quickly be washed or brushed away, and as long as a user brushes their teeth properly and upholds good standards of oral hygiene, there's no need to worry about discoloring.


CBD oil can play a big part in improving the quality of dental care and reducing pain and stress associated with dental issues too. Anyone looking to ease their fears of going to the dentist or reduce pain around the gums may want to buy CBD oil, like Rick's Hemp Oil, and enjoy its benefits.