Genetic Analysis DNA Testing Prevention Best Cure

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Genetic Analysis DNA Testing Prevention Best Cure

The personal genetic analysis is based on an overview of your DNA. It gives appropriate recommendations in the field of early prevention and appropriate action, to reduce the risk of developing a disease. This is especially important for those of us who are more exposed because of our genetic makeup.

The main goals of the genetic analysis are:

  • To provide information for enabling appropriate action and lifestyle changes.
  • To reduce the risk or prevent the development of certain diseases.
  • To draw attention to a genetic predisposition for certain diseases, so that early detection through screening and timely treatment would be possible.
  • To adjust the dosage of medications according to our DNA and so increase the safety and efficacy of the therapy.
  • To provide information about the hidden characteristics of the body, so that we could understand our body better, learn to know it and act accordingly.

The personal genetic analysis will:

  • Reveal what is written in your genes
  • Help to understand how genes influence your life
  • Advice, how you can take advantage of your genetic makeup

The personal genetic analysis includes analyses of many modern diseases. It consists of three thematic sections, in which you will:  

  • Get familiar with genetic predispositions to develop cardiovascular diseases, cancers and other diseases
  • Learn about your response to medicaments
  • Receive insight into genetically determined physical characteristics and abilities

Analysis results are easy to understand and consist plenty of useful information

Your individual analysis report will lead you in a clear and intuitive way from general information through personal results to health advice and possible preventive measures. Consequently, it allows you to reduce the risk of developing a disease or helps the disease to be detected early on for timely treatment.

Accordance with current guidelines

The personal genetic analysis is designed in accordance with current rules and guidelines for genetic analysis. It follows the recommendations and provisions of the British Human Genetics Commission, intended for the general populous.

Carefully designed DNA analysis

Great importance is given to the appropriate choice of genetic markers. Because of the extremely high number of genetic markers, we include in the analysis only those, which prove reliable and, for which a scientific research has been performed on highest quality. We try to include studies that have results independently verified in other studies and that have high statistical reliability by having been performed on a sample set of at least 1000 people. We mostly choose studies which have been published in highly recognized scientific magazines.

Expert opinion and preventive advice

Special attention is given to the appropriate compilation of professional advice and preventive measures. Specialized experts in the field of medicine and pharmacy take care of this by giving appropriate guidelines based on genetic information.

Certified laboratory

We collaborate with a laboratory which operates according to the ISO standard 9001:2008, and where extremely reliable and state-of-art molecular diagnostics technology is used to analyse your DNA. The laboratory is a certified provider of services which are conducted on genotyped platforms produced by the Illumina Company (»Illumina certified provider«).

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