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Thanks to the highly successful documentary Run From The Cure, the Rick Simpson oil became a household name almost overnight. While studies have long reported anti-tumor effects of cannabis, this was not mainstream knowledge until the documentary about Rick’s cancer cure let the cat out of the bag.

Ever since a large number of people suffering from various diseases have been experimenting with the Simpson oil, and indeed many have anecdotally reported staggering results of remission.

In addition to the Rick Simpson oil, the cannabinoid CBD has also received special attention. The cannabinoid shows a wide range of beneficial qualities, all while being absolutely non-psychoactive - and legal. Most famously, the anti-seizure properties of CBD cured the young girl Charlotte of her debilitating epileptic seizures, a case that was widely reported in mainstream media.

For good reasons, CBD and Rick Simpson oil are receiving attention. There is no a shortage of studies and anecdotal reports that show the beneficial aspects of cannabis. 

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