CBD vs Hemp

What are the differences between CBD oil and hemp oil?

CBD oil and hemp oil are two completely different products derived from separate parts of the Cannabis Sativa plant, each with unique properties. Cannabidiol (CBD oil) is a medicinal compound with many health benefits, whereas hemp oil or more accurately ‘hemp seed oil’ is a nutritional superfood.

Hemp seed oil comes specifically from the seeds of the plant, whereas CBD oil comes from the fruiting flowers, leaves and stems. CBD can also be known as hemp oil, as CBD is a hemp extract.

CBD oil vs hemp oil for potential use:

CBD oil and hemp oil both have similar chemical properties and have been used for solving various health problems. Both oils help to treat anxiety, depression, pain relief, blood pressure, skincare, a vitamin supplement, and to treat many diseases. When it comes down to CBD vs Hemp, CBD wins hands down!

There are a lot of reasons as to why people buy CBD and hemp oil. Many people are looking for a simple way to introduce a daily CBD serving to improve their daily lifestyle and many people use it to treat health conditions. Studies show CBD oil can relieve pain, alleviate cancer-related symptoms and many other serious and not so serious conditions.

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Where to buy CBD and Hemp products

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