CBD Oil Side Effects

CBD oil is a natural compound that is rapidly growing in popularity among all demographics, regardless of age, gender and nationality. But do we know whether CBD is safe or what the side effects are?

CBD oil is available in several different forms so this a topic worthy of discussion. With the large variety of CBD products available, consumers are able to tailor their method of use to their specific needs.

Known CBD oil side effects

Although CBD based products are becoming more popular among consumers all over the world, there is still much misinformation related to CBD oil and whether it causes side effects.

Due to the fact that manufacturers offer CBD oil products in different forms, including concentrates, skin creams, tinctures, soft gel capsules, edibles etc., different forms may lead to various side effects that differ depending on the way CBD is consumed.

There is low risk of unwanted side effects when CBD oil is taken by mouth or sprayed under the tongue. Side effects from oral CBD consumption might include dry mouth, drowsiness and light-headedness. The FDA-approved Epidiolex has also been linked to side effects such as vomiting, nausea and changes in appetite, as well as diarrhoea.

Wakefulness/ Drowsiness - CBD oil can affect the sleep cycle. In fact, high doses of CBD oil can induce drowsiness.

Low blood pressure – In high doses, CBD oil is believed to affect blood pressure. Typically, it has been observed to lower blood pressure within minutes of entering the body.

Inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism – CBD oil can also inhibit hepatic drug metabolism, which is responsible for breaking down most pharmaceutical drugs.

When applied to the skin – CBD oil is not risk-free, and there is not much reliable information to know if there are any CBD oil side effects when applied to the skin. Please follow manufacturer’s directions when applying topical solutions.

Diarrhoea – Diarrhoea is also considered as another potential side effect of using CBD oil. However, this reaction is most likely caused by other ingredients in CBD such as carrier oils.

If you are unsure about possible CBD oil side effects please consult with your licensed health professional to discuss and possible interactions with prescription medications.